Welcome to our Client Relations Management System - how to login to your own private Client Portal

Welcome to the 247highway Client Relations Management (247CRM) system

This Client Portal allows us to streamline our services and better provide efficient support.

  • Create a new support ticket.
  • View all tickets in progress for your company.
  • Respond / Add to any open ticket directly and upload attachments.
  • Monitor the progress of any of your Company projects that are underway and view the Gantt charts.
  • Approve any 247highway Estimate or Proposal online.
  • Read and download copies of any estimate, proposal or contract from 247highway.
  • View all financial documents (invoices and payments) for any period.
  • Pay for any invoice via PayPal, PayFast, RSA EFT or Credit Card online.

eMAIL ADDRESS - add to your contact's address book

Please add the 247support email address to your Contact / Address List inside your Outlook or Thunderbird, or other emailing software to ensure that our emails do not get misplaced and end up inside your Junk or Spam folders. 


247CRM Login Screen

247CRM Menu explained

Knowledge Base

The standard documents, tutorials, instructions and other information are posted here for you to read.


You can monitor the progress of each active project that your company has with us. You can view what tasks have to be done, which are completed, how much time has been spent and all progress milestones for each project.

You can upload any files for the project into a special storage area for each project.


Every transaction between your company and 247highway will be recorded here for you to view.

We will provide complete archives and history of all your invoices and their payments.


We keep a copy of every contract between you and 247highway online.

View and download a copy any time.

We will send you expiry reminders when a contract is about to expire.


Every time you request a proposal, the document will be uploaded to your customer portal area.

You can read it online, view all attachments and download in PDF format anytime.

Accept an estimate or proposal directly on the Portal page! No more hassle with scanning and sending signed documents.

Proposals and estimates will always be available online - no searching through emails and your hard drive to find the latest documents!

Support Helpdesk

Every support request from you is assigned a unique "ticket" number which you can use to track the progress and responses online.

There is a simple form to be completed for any support request.

You will get an email when we answer a ticket and you can then read the answer on the email OR view the answer inside your 247CRM portal page.

You can add more info or respond to any ticket whenever you need. Simply Login, (by default the support page is displayed), pick the ticket and type in your response.

For your reference, we provide complete archives and history of all your support requests.

Tickets are strictly between you (owner of the ticket) and the 247CRM - no one else gets cc'ed in to a ticket - all replies go back to your email address only.

Your Profile

Your personal profile and details can be changed here - depending on your level of access to our 247CRM.


This is the area where we upload certain files for your comments and or approval.

If you want to upload documents and photos for your project, add them as attachments to the individual tasks inside the specific Project itself.


This calendar will show expiry dates for contracts, proposals, etc. Invoices, outstanding tasks, and reminders, etc.

How to work with a project

- Please click here to see a separate article about how to use our projects.

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